Poker Odds and Outs Calculator

This Tool will help you to get all the information needed to survive at a Poker table.

It will show you the following:

  • Rank of your Hand
  • Best Hand at the current Stage
  • PotOdds
  • "The Nuts"
  • Odd
  • Outs
  • Partial Outs

Version 2 UPDATE:

It is now possible to evaluate up to 9 opponent hands (LITE version supports only one opponent)

You can put them on Ranges (Full version only), give them a specific hand or put them on a random hand.



So, lets start:

When you launch Poker Odds and Outs Calculator, you will see the following start screen:

Here you see all the necessary interactive items to rule the poker table.
Top there are the Community cards buttons. The three to the left are the flop cards followed by the turn and river cards.
Underneath them are the "Potsize" (left) and the "To call"(right) Buttons.

At the bottom of the table, your hole cards are shown.

The space under the buttons is used for the information, which will be generated depending on the cards and potsize you will enter.

Now we will enter our hole cards. therefore we click on the respective buttons. The following card selector dialog will appear:

In this dialog you can select the card of your choice. So, lets enter our hole cards.
Note: If you longpress one of the cards button, the selected card is deleted.

As you can see, the tool informs you about the actual rank of your hand and lists the top hand of the current stage.
Because there is not so much information available yet, we will enter the first three community cards-the flop cards:

Now we can see the rank of our hand and the best hand at the current stage for the given cards as befor, as well as the outs and odds for improving our hand.
The first column "Improvement" lists you all the possible hands which can be reached by the next card.
The "outs" column list you the number of cards for these hands.
The first "%" and "Odds" columns show you the percentage and respective odds for the Turn the second columns will show you the percentage and odds for the river.

Note: When you are at the "FLOP" stage, the second "% Odds" shows you the respective information for the Turn and River combined.

Lets select the TURN card:

As you can see, the "% Odds" for the Turn disappeared and only the columns for the River are shown.

Partial Outs and Outs which can be ignored
Sometimes it is necessary to ignore the outs for a specific hand in order to rank your hand correctly.
Let's jump back to our Flop:

Somehow you feel, that you will not win the pot if you only have a pair at the end and therefore the six outs for the Pair-hand could be ignored.
If you want to to so, you simply click on the Pair-row. A symbol will signalize you, that the outs will not be considered for the Odds calculation:
Note: To remove the "ignore" symbol-just click the Pair-row again.

Another way to customize the given outs of a hand is to count them as partial outs. This could be the case if you feel that the hand will not necessarily improve your hand.
So, if we would fully ignore these hand we would underestimate our hand but if we would fully count the outs we would overestimate our hand. So if this is the case we can count
the outs of this hand as partial outs.

To to this we simply longpress the respective hand-row. Let's do so with the Straight outs from the hand above:
Note: To remove the "partial" symbol, just longpress the row again.

To consider the Potodds, you have to enter the Potsize as well as the amount of money to call.
You can do this by clicking the respective buttons at the tpo of the Screen. Following dialog will appear:

Here you can enter any amount you like.
If you do so for the Potsize as well as the "To call"-amount, the tool will calculate the Potodds and signalize you if the call is rentable(color of Odds green)
or unrentable (color of Odds red) for the actual Outs.

New Features of Version 2

In Version 2 it is now possible to evaluate up to 9 opponent Hands (Lite version supports only one opponent). For that you have to click on the "Add/remove Player" Button on the bottom left side of the main screen

If you click on the specific opponent button, you can choose which kind of hand he has:

If you select "specific hand" you can give this opponent a concrete hand e.g. a Ace of Spades and an Ace of Diamonds.

But in most cases it is not clear which hand your opponent has so you have to put him on ranges by clicking on the button in the middle

And if you have no idea which hand your opponent has you can put him on "random hand".

NOTE: If you accept an oppontent hand type, you will return to the selected hand-type dialog by clicking the opponent button. That means if you put an opponent on ranges you directly return to the ranges dialog after clicking the opponent button. If you want to change the type of the opponent hand, you have to LONG-CLICK the opponent button.

We hope you have now an idea of the power of the tool and could solve all your queries.

Download the full version of Poker Odds and Outs Calculator for Android!

Download the LITE version of Poker Odds and Outs Calculator for Android!